Here's Everything You Need to Know About Hosting #SBS Winners' Hour

If you don’t know what the #SBS (Small Business Sunday) award is from Theo Paphitis, you could be missing a fantastic opportunity for your business. 

Businesses are handpicked by Theo Paphitis himself to receive the #SBS award through his Twitter-based competition. Every Sunday, Theo runs the Twitter-based competition from his personal account, and hopeful businesses tweet to say why they feel they deserve to be crowned as a winner. This helps smaller businesses to build their recognition and gain them access to a great community full of support, networking, and lots more. 

As part of being an #SBS winner, you get to join the weekly #SBS Winners’ Hour on a Tuesday at 20:30 - 21:30 on Twitter. It’s a great place to network and engage with other winners and like-minded business owners, all whilst having great fun. 

To learn more about the #SBS award, take a look at their official website

What is #SBS Winners’ Hour?

#SBS Winners’ Hour was first started by #SBS winner Angela Smith to bring the community together each week. It allows #SBS winners to network and mingle with other members of the #SBS community on Twitter between 20:30 and 21:30 using the #SBSWinnersHour hashtag.  

Today, the #SBS Winners' Hour is open to all members and sees lots of members join to network and connect every Tuesday. 

Each week the session is hosted by a different #SBS winner, meaning there is a different topic every time. We’ve hosted twice, and we did a quiz the first time and an ‘Odd One Out’ the second. Expect the unexpected! 

Are you a new #SBS winner? If so, congratulations! 🎉 Here’s what to do now you’re an #SBS winner to help you make the most of your award.

How to join #SBS Winners’ Hour

It’s as simple as logging into Twitter and diving into the conversation. That’s it! If you log in at 20:30 and search for the #SBSWinnersHour hashtag, you’ll find the latest tweets from that evening’s host and other #SBS winners. 

It really is that easy. The hardest part is keeping up with the notifications and other conversations that are going on – it can become very busy, very quickly! 

Hosting #SBS Winners’ Hour


If you’re going to host your very own #SBS Winners’ Hour, there are a few things you can do to help it run as smoothly as possible. Take it from us, it will feel very busy on the night, so prep beforehand is the best way to help it run smoothly. 


Here’s what you can do.


Before the night


Book in with the #SBS Crew

The #SBS Crew are the ones who keep a track of who is booked to host and when, so they’re the ones you’ll need to speak to first. 


Schedule the evening to be free

Try to keep from 20:00 – 22:00 free to give yourself plenty of time to get set up, and plenty of time afterwards to finish those all-important conversations.


Create an agenda for the evening

Make sure to plan what you’re going to do ahead of time. If you’re going down the traditional networking route, make sure to plan some key questions to guide the conversations and when you’re going to post them. If you’re thinking of doing something different, have a plan in mind and set a schedule!


Use post scheduling if you can

To make your life a lot easier on the night, use a post-scheduling tool if you can. It means that you can focus on the conversations and take part in the night, rather than keeping an eye and preparing your next posts. 


Shout about it to other #SBS winners and your network. It’s exciting news!

Don’t be afraid to tell the world about your plans. It’s something you can share with your network and tell others about. Don’t forget to let the #SBS community know! 


On the night


Pour a big glass of wine or cup of coffee – you won’t have time for refills!

When the night gets started, you’ll be so occupied with all the great conversations that you simply won’t have the time to get a drink as there’s so much going on!


Stick to your agenda

This point is important. Having an agenda is key as when the #SBS Winners’ Hour gets started, it absolutely flies by. Here are a few ways to keep things to your plan:


  • Set alarms/reminders for each post you want to go out (if you’re not scheduling them) 
  • Keep the conversation flowing. Often you won’t need to as everybody is so lovely, but prod if you feel the engagement is drying up at any point. 
  • Keep an eye on the clock. It’s tough to keep your eye on what’s going on, however, it’s important to keep a close eye on the time as before you know it it’ll be 21:30. 


Engage and dive into the chats going on

#SBS Winners’ Hour is all about getting like-minded #SBS winners together. Just because you’re hosting, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate!


Have fun! 

This is arguably the MOST important step of all – enjoy the evening. Trust us, it is great fun to host the #SBS Winners’ Hour. Relax, take a deep breath, and dive into one of the best networking hours on the planet. 


After the night


Shout about the experience with other #SBS winners and your network

After the night, make sure to let your network know about your latest venture. It’s a great opportunity to bring some engagement for your business, even outside of the #SBS community, and one worth taking. 


Check and see if there are any chats you missed on the day

After the excitement of the #SBS Winners’ Hour is over, take the time to check over the Twitter threads and make sure you’ve not missed anything that you want to reply to. 


Sign-up for the next one

Finally, sign up for the next one! If you enjoyed hosting and would do it again, contact the #SBS Crew to get your name on the list again. 

The official #SBS logo.

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