Sentry Collective Reveals New Head Office

Sentry Collective announced as the first company with their head office on the red planet

With the news that SpaceX are planning missions to Mars and NASA are planning for manned missions to the red planet, Lincoln-based company, Sentry Collective, is listed as the first company to officially 'settle' on the red planet as their registered head office. 

We caught up with Luke, founder of Sentry Collective, to understand a little more about the move and what's to come.

Why Mars?

There's a lot of buzz (no pun intended!) around the concept of travelling to Mars in the near future, revolutionising space travel. With plans underway to start manned missions to Mars, it's the perfect opportunity for us to take the business out of this world. We've always been passionate about challenging the standard approach to business to deliver the best experience we can for our clients, and this is something that will help us to continue achieving this. 

We're especially looking forward to being able to honestly claim that "we are the best company on the planet"!

When will it be?

The exact date isn't confirmed just yet, however we're looking to be over there in the next 10 years permitting all goes smoothly. 

There are lots of unknowns at the moment, but it's very exciting with every conversation and every detail that we iron out. We're excited to share the confirmed date very soon! 

How will you continue to do business?

As a business that's primarily digital, we often catch up with our clients virtually. With technology advancing how it is, this means that we'll be able to continue to work closely with our clients utilising the technology available to us, whilst continuing to grow as a company. 

Image by ChadoNihi from Pixabay

How will you attend meetings?


We're planning to continue to build the business using technology. We've recognised that working remotely is entirely possible, given the COVID-19 lockdown, and there is no reason that we need to be based in the same city, country or even planet as our clients. Therefore, we're able to continue to meet and deliver the same great experience as we do on Earth. 


That, or roughly a £30,000,000 expense trip and a 16 month round trip. 


How will the team grow?


We've proven that we can work virtually, so we're not making it mandatory for future members of the Sentry Collective team to commute to the office unless they want to and we'll continue to keep closely in touch via a satellite uplink.


We're also exploring the opportunity that we stumble across some extraterrestrial beings who are tired of hiding and simply want a stable job. We're excited by the concept of working closely with these beings and hopefully welcoming some into the team in the future, making us the first business with extraterrestrial members of the team.  


Have you been to Mars yet?


No, not yet. We're planning to pop in one day soon though to familiarise ourselves with the new environment and start planning the office space for the team. 


Is this serious?


Absolutely not, but we hope it gave you a good smile. 


April Fools! 

Can we help your business?

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients through our services. If you need help with your written content or social media, please get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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