What to do Now You're an #SBS Winner

First and foremost - congratulations! 🎉 


Being recognised by Theo Paphitis is a fantastic accolade and one you should make the most of. However, the excitement that comes with being an #SBS winner also brings some great opportunities to get your business out there.


To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve compiled a guide of some great things to do when you first become a #SBS winner. With over a year of being #SBS winners, we’ve learnt from our mistakes and put this guide together so you can make the most of the opportunities that’ll come your way.


Let’s dive into it!


#1 Respond to the Twitter messages


First of all, good luck. You may have noticed already (and if not, how not!?) that you’re getting a lot of Twitter notifications and messages. It’s an incredible experience and one that we recommend you make the most of, so get stuck in and reply to the messages, get to know the business community, and make some great connections.


Best of luck – you'll need it!

#2 Setting up your #SBS profile


Your #SBS winner title also comes with access to your very own listing on the #SBS directory. It’s a great opportunity to contribute towards your SEO and get some eyes on your business, so put some time aside to get your #SBS profile configured.


Here are a few things you should consider:


Step 1 – Profile


Your profile is your official listing as an #SBS winner, so it’s important to take time and get it right. Here are the key fields, and what you need to include:


Your Picture - This is where you can put a picture of your logo, keeping your branding on your #SBS listing.


Your Buzz – This is your tagline to share information about your business. Our advice is to keep it short and sweet, but to the point.


Your Bio – This is where you can expand on your tagline, explaining what your business offers, how it helps people, and why you’re a worthy investment. It’s good to put a few paragraphs in here, but keep it useful to the reader.


Your Business Tips – Share any advice that you find valuable. It’s a great chance for you to demonstrate your expertise and demonstrate your credibility!


Step 2 – Blog & Offers


This is a great way of sharing information and making your profile stand out. A great blog is a fantastic way of delivering value and engaging with your audience, as well as helping with SEO, whilst offers help you to show what you sell/do and help people to learn about your business from the get-go.


Step 3 – #SBS winners’ badge


As an #SBS winner, you’ll be able to create your very own #SBS winners' badge to proudly show off your achievement. It’s an opportunity for you to show that you’re a serious business and helps you to stand out from your competitors, so make sure to use it proudly and get it seen!


Here are a few places to include your #SBS winners’ badge:


  • On your website (home page, about us, awards and accolades – these are all good pages!)
  • In your press release
  • When talking about your #SBS on social media
  • In presentations about your business
  • And more, wherever you think it can add value.


It’s a great talking point and demonstrates that you, as a business, are keen to succeed and serious about your customers.

Celebratory Drinks

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

#3 Press release


A press release is a fantastic way of shouting to your local community (or wider in some instances) about exciting news within your business. Being recognised by Theo Paphitis and winning the #SBS award is exciting news and definitely worth sharing a press release, so let’s see how you can make it happen!


To do this, there are a couple of steps to consider:


Step 1 – Creating a press release


Creating a press release should be to the point and explain the exciting news in your business. Remember - it’s your chance to shout about your exciting news, so treat it that way!


There is a free press release you can use as a base on the #SBS site, however, if you’re planning to create your own press release to celebrate your #SBS win, here is an example structure to follow:


Attention-Grabbing Headline - This needs to grab the attention of your audience

Lead Sentence - Expand on your headline, but keep to the wow-factor

Introductory Paragraph – This is where you first explain the news that you’re sharing, for example, you’ve won the #SBS award.

Quote – Put a quote in here about the award, such as how it feels to be a winner.

Second Paragraph – Elaborate on the award and talk about your business, including another quote here. 

Third Paragraph – Include a quote from Theo (there is a free one on the sample #SBS press release)

Boilerplate – This is your standard closure to a press release and focuses only on your business.

Contact Details – If somebody wants to get in touch, how do they reach you? Include a name of press contact, a phone number, and an email.


For an example of a press release so you can see how it looks when it’s all pulled together, please see our press release celebrating one year as an #SBS winner: 1 Year On; Lincolnshire Business Success Recognised by Theo Paphitis.


Looking for a hand? 🤔

Here at Sentry Collective, we specialise in content marketing, and we’ve created many press releases for a wide range of businesses. If you’d like a professionally created press release, contact our team today.


We’d love to help!


Step 2 – Putting it on your website


Once you’ve got your press release, it’s time to get it out there. The first place to put it is on your own website, as this is the perfect place to highlight your award. It also means that if someone visits your website and looks at your blog/news, they’ll see the history that your business has been through.


Step 3 – Contact local media outlets


With a press release ready to go, there’s only one thing left. The press!


If you know of some local journalists, that’s fantastic. However, if you don’t then there are often contact details on their website. It’s usually under their ‘Contact Us’ page and often under ‘Press Information’.


Consider other connections you may have within the local community who can shout about your exciting news. Remember, it’s exciting for the community too!

#4 Join the Facebook community & #SBS Winners’ Hour


As an #SBS winner, you’ll also have access to one of the best communities on the planet. The #SBS community!


Facebook Community


There’s a private Facebook group full of great #SBS members that you'll be invited to, so make sure you get stuck in and make the most of being a member!


#SBS Winners’ Hour


Every Tuesday between 20:30 – 21:30 on Twitter, you’ll be able to join in the #SBS winners’ hour. It’s hosted by a different winner each week, and it’s a great opportunity to meet other #SBS winners and build some great relationships.


In summary...


Being an #SBS winner is a fantastic opportunity and one that you’ll want to make the most of. We hope the above helps you enjoy your #SBS win and get the most out of your new award, and congratulations! 🥳

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