Why Marketing Agencies Cannot Guarantee Results

Marketing is one of the core pillars of any business to succeed, alongside other key business functions. Without marketing, businesses won’t be able to show the world what they do, how they help, and therefore it can become incredibly difficult to get new customers.  


No matter how big a business gets, marketing never goes away and continues to be an important part of the business to stop them from falling behind. That’s why the likes of Apple and Coca-Cola continue to invest huge sums of money into their marketing efforts, keeping themselves at the forefront of their customers’ minds.  


As a small business, you don’t need a huge marketing department, but you do need to be putting effort into your marketing to get your name out there. Lots of small businesses don’t have the time or in-house skills to invest in their marketing, which is where marketing agencies can help. Using a marketing agency is a great way to get the expertise and skills you’re looking for without investing in full-time employees if you don’t have the budget to hire or if you don’t have the skills in-house.  


Today, there seems to be a lot of marketing agencies guaranteeing results, such as growth on social media, ranking in search engines, and other reportable figures. And we don’t think that’s possible, or fair, for your business!  


In this article, we’re going to cover: 


Why marketing agencies cannot guarantee results


If you’re looking to invest in anything, you want to know it’s going to work. If you buy a car, you want to know it’s going to get you from A to B. If you buy a house, you want to know it’s going to stay standing. When you invest in a marketing agency, you want to know that what they are doing is going to help your business. 


However, it should go without saying that it’s near impossible for a marketing agency to guarantee results, no matter how good they are. Here are a few reasons why:  


There is no control over external factors


No matter how good your marketing efforts are, there is no control over the digital algorithms that make up our internet. Search engines, social media, and other digital platforms are constantly changing and innovating to try and improve what they do. 


As a result, things that used to work may no longer work as well, and vice versa. Therefore, it’s very difficult to guarantee results with no control over these external factors.  


People behave differently


Everybody is unique – there's no denying that. No matter what psychological tricks we know and how we expect our marketing efforts to perform, there is always someone that will react differently, and that’s life! 


Therefore, you may find that a certain content gets great engagement, and others may not, purely for that reason – even if you expect it to be the other way around. 


Your competitors can have an impact


There are some areas of marketing, such as SEO, where competitors can have a direct impact. For example, if a marketing agency guaranteed that they’d get your website onto page one of Google, and your competitors started doing the same, they could rank higher and push you down, and there would be no way of preventing this from happening. 


What marketing agencies CAN guarantee


A marketing agency should not be providing guarantees against any results or performance due to the above-mentioned reasons. However, that’s not to say they cannot guarantee some things for their clients – just not results from the marketing efforts they put in. 


There are several things that marketing agencies can guarantee, such as: 


Services they are providing


Depending on the area of marketing, some marketing agencies can guarantee what services they are providing – just not the results from them.  


For example, we guarantee that we will provide X deliverables to our clients each month as part of working with us. That will happen, so we can guarantee it. We can’t guarantee how these deliverables will perform, and therefore cannot make any results-based guarantees, but we will be providing the services that we agree with our clients to help their business.  


Processes in place to deliver their services


To deliver services, there needs to be processes in place to ensure a mutual understanding of what is expected from both the client and the service provider. These processes help ensure everybody knows what is going on at any one time.  


These can be guaranteed because this is how the marketing agency works to deliver their services for your business. These processes can change as the marketing agency grows and develops, but you should expect to see some processes in place.  


Client care


Some marketing agencies offer regular catchups or other ways of keeping in touch with their clients. Similarly to processes in place, this is something else that can be guaranteed, because it’s how the marketing agency works to deliver their services to you.  

What to consider when looking for a marketing agency 


If you’re looking to work with a marketing agency there are some things you should be looking for to ensure a good working relationship. After all, you are investing in your business!  


Here are a few things to consider: 


What do they aim to achieve with their services? 


A marketing agency may have different goals that they continually work towards. Some may aim to grow a social media following, others may focus on sales. You must know what their aim is and if it aligns with your end goal to see if it’s a worthy investment for your business.  


We are very clear with what we aim to achieve for our clients. We have three end goals that we continually work towards with the content marketing services we provide, which are: 

Building a digital presence

By sharing regular, value-filled content, we help our clients to expand their digital presence online. 

Developing a brand reputation

Through our content, we help our clients to present value and support for their audience, building rapport over time.  

Promoting engagement

As part of our content, we try and start conversations and get people to act on a call-to-action for our clients.


What are their values? 

If both businesses’ values align, they both work with these values in mind, not matter what industries they are in. This means that two businesses are more likely to connect and work well together.  

Values are a great way of demonstrating what fundamental things are important to a business. If two businesses value the same fundamentals, they are likely to get on well and work well together. 

Here at Sentry, we have 5 values.  

Simplicity - We don't over-complicate things; we keep it simple but effective.

Trustworthy - Our clients can trust us to deliver, as we trust them to work with us. 

Loyalty - It's a two-way street, and when done correctly, it brings some great results.

Robust - Our processes aren't made on a whim, we've made sure they work and constantly look to improve them. 

Fun! - Life is too short. We take pride in what we do and have fun along the way.

Do they have customer feedback, testimonials, etc?

This is a great way to get an insight into what you can expect from the marketing agency you’re looking to work with. Customer feedback is free feedback that people provide, with no incentive, often to help people in your position to make an informed decision. If a business doesn’t share their feedback, it could be because they don’t have good feedback to share!  

We pride ourselves on sharing the feedback that we receive – take a look at what our clients say about us here

In summary... 

Marketing agencies often house incredibly skilled people to perform a service, but they cannot guarantee how it will perform. Therefore, you need to invest in the company and make sure that their values and goals align with yours if you want things to work well.

A good working relationship is one of the most important things, so take the time to do you research into the company, and try to find the one that feels right for you. 

How Sentry can help your business 


We help businesses to: 


  • Build their digital presence 
  • Develop their brand reputation 
  • Promote engagement 


Through the content that we create for our clients. We don’t guarantee any results because we know we can’t, and we’re honest about that. However, we do use our skills and knowledge to create content that continually works towards the above goals.  


We also offer a free 45-minute session called our Content Marketing Review Session. It’s completely free, and it gives you the chance to: 


  • Identify ways that we feel you could improve the content you’re posting on social media 
  • Help you understand what you should post on your blog to share further value with your audience 
  • Share and discuss anything else that may help you build your digital presence 


There’s no obligation; we offer this session because we really want to help businesses. Take a look at the link below to get signed up for your free session today! 

We'll do some great things together.

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