Download our FREE planner to help you plan your content marketing efforts.

Content marketing is incredibly valuable for businesses and looks to be a worthy investment for the long-run.


However, knowing what to post, and when, can be tough - especially when you have a business to run.


If you find yourself struggling for ideas to post, or posting content for the sake of posting, we're here to help. We've created the Content Marketing Planner which is designed to help you plan your upcoming content over a month, and some guidance to help you find some meaningful topics to talk about. We've even included some instructions to help you make the most of your planning session. Let's dive into it! 

Our free Content Marketing Planner

We've created this to help you plan the content you're going to post online.

Please see some information below on how to make the most of the planner.

How to use the Content Marketing Planner

The Content Marketing Planner is designed to help you schedule your content efforts over a month so you're not scrambling around last minute to get something posted quickly. To make the most of the planner, we've included some initial steps below, and then how to populate the planner to get the most value.

1 - Topics


First and foremost - what would you typically share with your audience? Every business has a range of topics that they share frequently. For example, we often talk about our Content Marketing Review Session, tips for content marketing, stats in our industry, testimonials, and more. Make a note of these topics to keep them safe.


Now, think of timely topics. Do you have a special event on, or a promotional offer? Have you got exciting news to share? Make sure to write these down too. 


Once you have your topic lined up to talk about, you can move onto step 2. 


2 - Calendar


Now you have your topics, you can start to plan when you're going to share them. You could do this in a range of ways, including on your social media channels, your blog, or other forms of media. 

Use the calendar to note down the day and briefly the topic. For social media, try 1-3 posts per week to get started and then review the results from there. 

Once you've filled the month, you can go away and create the content and share on the necessary day that it comes up. It's that easy to keep on top of things! 

Keep a copy printed off each month to help you focus your efforts online and continue to share value with your audience. 

Free Content Marketing Support


We love helping businesses with their content marketing, which is why we've put this free planner together. We also offer a free 45-minute session where we'll provide 1:1 support with your content marketing efforts. 


By the end of the session, you'll leave with:


  • Some ideas that may help engage your audience on social media
  • Ways in which you can share further value, develop your reputation, and drive traffic to your website via a blog
  • Where to go for further help if needed.


We'll do some great things together.

We look forward to speaking further with you to see how we can help your business.

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